29 July 2008

Make room on the mantel, Vol. 2

Well, this came along at just the right time, because since I'll be working all week, I won't be around to squeeze coal into diamonds like usual.* Speaking of diamonds, I have something to casually leave lying around here, waiting for you to ask about it:
The Brillante Blog Award 2008Where did I get that ol' thing, you say? Well, since you insist, I've been given another award (this time the Brillante Weblog Award**, pictured above) by the ever-loyal and all-around wonderful Mama Dawg at the always-entertaining Two Dogs Running.

Now I feel exactly the same way as Tom Hanks must have in 1995. Except I didn't get a wicked awesome gift bag worth more than my car. What gives, lady?

I'll attempt to move past this enormous personal slight by posting the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

That being said, I'm nothing if not a rebel, so rather than picking out only 7 of you to receive this award, especially since I don't know who amongst you has previously received it, I'm going to leave it open for the taking to any of the loyal readers on my blogroll*** who haven't gotten it already. If I didn't love your blog, I wouldn't allow you to read mine, so you've all been pre-screened as worthy. Just kidding!

* Please don't laugh at me-- my fragile, tender, harmless, massive ego is very sensitive, and I'd like it to stay that way.

** I wasn't able to track down the originator(s), or I would link to them.

*** If you are a loyal reader who regularly leaves me hilarious comments and I have so far somehow overlooked your addition to my blogroll, I apologize profusely and offer you consolation in the fact that I probably just have you in my feed reader or bookmarked, so I haven't yet realized I need to add you. I swear you'll appear there soon when I correct this mistake!


Brittany said...

CONGRATS! A well deserved award for cracking me up so very often!

unmitigated me said...

Since you are in Chicago, I know you'll understand when I ask if you squeeze coal into diamonds the same way Cameron Fry does.

Mantle is gonna need reinforcing soon...you go, Dude!

Rikki said...

Dude. You are a studmuffin (how's THAT for your fragile, massive ego)!

I am not stealing it (although how long do I have to be a reader to get on the blogroll?). Just kidding. My blogging is still wet behind the ears, not award worthy...yet!

I miss you posting every day. I know that is selfish, and that you are entitled a life...I was just sayin'.

MsPicketToYou said...


I mean, Brillante.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you Dan! Your blog is awesome--you deserve it! BTW--is your work this week top secret? You haven't told us about it...or did I miss something?

Weith Kick said...

Congrats LD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Time for you to toot your own horn, LD! Way to go!!

Swirl Girl said...

I love the disclaimers as usual.

Mama Dawg said...

Awwww...it's a well deserved award!

You do realize that at some point, I will have to stop awarding them to you. So, with that in mind, please stop writing. Cause if you keep writing, I'll have to keep on giving 'em to you. And that's not fair to my loyal followers. They need Mama Dawg lovin', too.

Here's your gift bag.


It's all I could afford. Enjoy!

Kevin McKeever said...

It must suck to be so loved by your readers. They only like me for the free beer and chest hair. Congrats again, Dan.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, here we are. Congrats on your Emmy, er, Grammy or whatever.

Not sure I believe you there, LiteralDan. I haven't heard from you since you won my free chocolate. I see how you are. Did it give you the squirts or something?

Laski said...

Yay for you! This had to be the best AWARDS post ever. I usually don't laugh at awards posts.

NOT laughing at you. Your ego is safe . . .

Pauline said...

you rock, dan.
what's up? no twitter? just tried looking for a profile.
get with the program, yo!

Pauline said...

hey, i just saw your interview, rock on!
email me...your interview gave me an idea. *exiting mysteriously*

Natalie said...

i was given this award too and never did pass it out to anyone! does that mean i forfeit the award? i am thinking about creating my own award so that i can make up for the three i've gotten and not passed on. i'll have to think on that one!

Jasper Mockingbard said...

As I am only a casual observer, I don't know that I can fully congratulate you. I really don't know your blog well enough. But in time, once I get to know you, I'm sure I'd be able to formulate a more reasonable opinion. So, yay! or something.

LiteralDan said...

Brittany: Same to you, my friend.

Middle Aged woman: No I most certainly do NOT, madame! And I resent your nearly accurate characterization!

Rikki: Oh I totally know how the selfishness goes, but thanks for understanding. Just be glad I'm not dropping off the face of the virtual Earth for most of this year, like Steve from the deservedly-world-famous The Sneeze. If was awful, but I guess I'm that much more glad he's back now. You should all go dig through his archives immediately.

Ms Picket To You: I think I like Brazilliance better.

Christy: Nope not top secret-- just boring old freelance work, but it's a new experience and challenge, and it pays a lot better than blog ads on the blogosphere's 149,192 most popular* blog, believe it or not.

* That's right, I'm in the top 5% at least, according to Technorati, so I've got it made!

Weith Kick: Thank you, kind sir.

MamaNeena: I'm always tooting, and you know it. I didn't take 8 years of music class for nothing, right?

Swirl Girl: I have a compulsion to disclaim everything. It's quite annoying* in person.

* Or so I imagine.

Mama Dawg: Keeping that in mind, I'll build a few more shelves onto my trophy case.

Okay I just had to choke back a little vomit there. While I may have had a similar reaction to some of the Hollywood hippy/fashionista crap in my Oscar gift bag, I would have at least had a free watch and keys to a Prius or something to console me. At the moment, all I have is a feeling worse than if I'd been Rickrolled.

Always Home and Uncool: Yeah, but what would we do without that chest hair, man?? And you just had a field trip of fans stampeding through your place, stealing all your mix CDs for love mementos. Buck up!

Andrea's Sweet Life: I believe it's more on par with a (now-defunct) Cable ACE award. But anyone who knows me knows I'd never turn down anything free or glorifying to my favorite person.

And it's true I've been lax on my blog-reading in general lately, but I have to plead for your forgiveness. I've gone a couple times since you guilted me-- does that count? It's nothing personal, I swear, I swear!! (picture Jake Blues on his knees in the mud, sunglasses finally off)

So in that scenario, you would be a young Carrie Fisher, and there are way worse things to be, as a woman. So in considering that, you're welcome, and I'll be waiting for your apology and thanks.

LaskiGal: Well now I'm blushing. And don't worry-- denial keeps my ego pretty safe most of the time.

Pauline: Yeah I figure I don't need to add more time-sucking, addictive activities involving the computer, or I'll have to cut the kids back to only two meals a day, or something. I like to spread around the causes of my neglect as much as possible.

Natalie: No, it means you broke the chain, and that's 7 years bad luck!! I'm pretty sure I get out on a technicality. You should create the Natalie Dixon Memorial Blog Award, given to 10 people at a time, just to see how many laps you can make around the Internet in a couple months. And how many condolence cards stuffed with cash come addressed to Mr. Natalie Dixon.

Jasper Mockingbard: I respect and admire your guarded approval and praise. I can only hope your opinion becomes a positive one after you poke around. I think I should score points in your book right off the bat for being A) a dad, and B) someone with a Mockery tag applied to a tiny fraction of the posts that probably merit it.