31 July 2008

You mean I get to sleep 8 whole hours?

This is the very definition of a short post today, but them's the breaks, my friends. We should be back to our regular scheduled programming next week. I'll try to respond to all your wonderful comments (and catch up on blog-reading) whenever I get a chance.

Anyway, I just thought that those of you who are familiar with the "in bed" addition to cookie fortunes would enjoy this near-perfect trifecta we got the other day:

• You will be showered with good luck.

• Your new ideas will be rewarded.

• The fun side of a relationship begins to unfold.

In case you're particularly disappointed with today's little post, you can always console yourselves by reading my old posts about the two most important actual cultural exports from Asia: karaoke* and mail-order brides.

* Pronounced, as always, like "kah-ROE-key", or possibly "karah-OKEE"-- we don't "carry" any "okee"s around these parts. We take things at face value and pronounce them the way they were intended. Hence the name.**

** Of us
and our blog.


unmitigated me said...

16-year-old-Boy got a fortune once that said, "You must learn to rely on yourself." And he does. Quite frequently, I might add.

Mama Dawg said...

I love that game!

MAW-That's too funny!

Weith Kick said...

Ahhh, yes. "In bed." That's my favorite part of going out to eat Asian food.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God--somebody so needs to work with you on your pronounciations! Carry-okee! Carry-okee! Carry-okee! Awnt! Awnt! Awnt! Any questions? :)

Fiesty Charlie said...

Short or long, your posts are always a treat....

in bed.....


I had to, you know I did!

Swirl Girl said...

is that the non-alcoholic version of playing "Hi Bob" with a beer bong?

Brittany said...

I don't think it's about length so much as how you sue it...in bed.

Someone slap me.

TerriRainer said...

Here we spell it OKIE...cause I is one!

(We also say seeeement when referring to cement, just cause that's the way we roll!)

:) Terri

Leslie said...

We play it with "under the bed" with the church hymnal. Oh soo naughty.

You're in my post tomorrow!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I don't sing. Ever. No matter how you pronounce it. Because I quite literally suck.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I ALWAYS say it Karah-okie and people act like I'm crazy. I'm right, they're wrong.

Also I say iRON not i-ern for the thing that removes wrinkles.

Finally, I enjoy pronouncing wash as warsh and draw as drawr, just for fun.

LiteralDan said...

Middle Aged woman: You are now the reigning champion of awesome comments. You can comfortably await dethroning, or you can push to aggressively defend your title with a good offense. I'm hoping for the latter.

Mama Dawg: It's funny how widespread that game is, and before the Internet, even.

Weith Kick: Don't tell the cooks that, they might take offense.

Christy: I think you are missing the message of this blog: I am perfect, and if you differ from me in any way, you are by definition not perfect, and in a case like this, you are just wrong. Sorry, bud!

Fiesty Charlie: Can you type that up on a tiny little slip of paper and mail it to me, so I can frame it and hang it over the computer?

Swirl Girl: I'm going to have to spare you the bit of information that I had to look that up and find out this refers to one (or more) of the shows my parents watched whenever I was coming back down from bed and being told to get back up there.

Nowadays kids just drink anytime someone breathes somewhere-- it's a much more reliable guarantee of a Fun Time(TM).

Brittany: Everybody line up! She asked for it!

When I first read through that, I thought it was a lawyer joke of some sort, and that I didn't get it. Then I realized you were simply gripped by the dreaded Typo Demon. Or, as those of us who've battled him know him, The Typo Demno.

TerriRainer: I don't mind Seement too much, but "perMIT" used as a noun always sounded like a record scratching to me back in Maine where most everybody called it that.

Laggin: In church??!? You are so going to pay for this for eternity*! So I hope it was worth it.

And I'm always in your posts, you just don't realize it. And I don't even take my shoes off-- ha, haa!

* In bed.

Tootsie Farklepants: You suck while singing? That sounds physically impossible,so I must see it or I don't believe you.

Otherwise, I simply must ban you from this blog for misusing the word "literally". For more fun from grammar snobs, check out Literally, a Weblog and A "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.

Mrs. B. Roth: I was with you up until "eye-ron". That would just make me think of the Simpsons hymnal "In the Garden of Eden" by I. Ron Butterfly every time.