04 July 2008

Declaration of Independence from posting

In honor of the love of vacationing that I share with all Americans*, I'm going to be lame today and do the blog equivalent of a clip show. So while I run off to the parade and ready myself for those most delicious of all meats, free hot dogs, please jump over to this old American-flag-related post you may have missed. Comment freely, as if it's new, and help complete the charade!

Also, let's all wish a Happy Birthday to the little lady who shares this day with Lady Liberty-- my sister Katie. Didn't anyone ever tell you all those fireworks are for her? Today, she's officially an adult, although, fortunately or unfortunately for her, she'll always be my baby sister. Nice try with all that growing up, sucker!

* Though studies show we don't actually tend to take them, for the legitimate fear of being found expendable and fired. We seem to instead make up the time by "wasting" lots of it while at work, such as by reading blogs. Vive la résistance!


Pam said...

i'm gagging at the thought of hot dogs.

happy birthday to your sister katie! hope she's having a great day. :)

Manager Mom said...

Ouch... your footnote made me cringe a little... I'm heading on vacation in a few weeks and they just fired my boss. I smell a "welcome back, jobless" kind of scenario...

LiteralDan said...

ciara: Hey, I'll have you know that those hot dogs were absolutely delicious, even without ketchup. Every year, I don't think to bring a packet with me. Oh well.

P.S. Don't tell anyone around these parts that I like ketchup on my hot dogs. I like staying alive.

Manager Mom: Sorry for that. Is it any consolation that I hope you don't face such a welcome back?

Maybe you can make sure to imperceptibly screw up or misplace some key things so while you're gone, they only feel like they could never live without you.