30 July 2008

A conversation with M-: I don't 'wike' it either

My wife doesn't seem to understand how to properly manage our 18-month-old daughter M- and her often bizarre behavior as well as I do, particularly when it comes to eating. But this not-atypical conversation shows how it's done:

M-: Hun-gree. Hun-gree!

Me (pouring Kix into her Snack Trap cup): Okay, baby.

M-: Mmmm, sear-yuhl! Thankoo, Dad-DEE.

Me (holding out the cup to her): You're welcome.

M-: No! Don't wike it, any-moe!!

Me (sternly): Yes, you do-- now you eat them.

M- (changing to a sunny, smiley face and walking towards me with a hand outstretched): Okay, okay-- thankoo-Daddee!


Outnumbered2to1 said...

Oh, she is doing that thing we women do with men. Lure you into falsely believing you can change our minds. Then, when she turns "Teenager" pulls the rug out from right under you.
Or, at least, that's what I've been told.

Anonymous said...

her brilliance is astounding!

Brittany said...

HAHAHA! You have the smartest daughter ever!

unmitigated me said...

Oh, you are SO in trouble when she is a teenager.

Anonymous said...

I love reading her phonetic speech. She is testing, testing, testing and learning when to just give up.

Swirl Girl said...

Okay, so when you remove the Vulcan Mind Meld hold on her, does she do algorithms too?

AJ said...

Girls are freaky smart at manipulating men early on! It's all part of her master plan to let you think you tricked her. Trust me. My 4 year old is so good at it, she even gets me sometimes:)

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have the same freaky baby whisperer talent that my husband has. He can get our son to do anything by merely asking. I on the other hand have no luck with influencing my son's behavior. None!

Pam said...

too cute!

Chris M. said...

Ah the cereal addiction. So young, too.

Weather Moose

Ann(ie) said...

how cute is that. My 19-month old would hurl it at my head. And connect. And then laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!!

Anonymous said...

My dad said the same!
"You will eat it - and you will like it!"
but me no gusta peas ever!

Jasper Mockingbard said...

I know exactly what you mean. My wife does the same thing when I cook dinner.

LiteralDan said...

Outnumbered2to1: What you are saying is familiar to me, somehow... hmmm.... who is it that is so stubborn and sneaky? Oh, right.

MamaNeena: She does seem to have some Dark Gifts.

Brittany: Stealing that as a compliment of me, I say thank you to you, madame.

Middle Aged woman: Oh, I knew that from before she was born. She kicked like a mofo. Or so I heard.

Mary: She'd better learn to give up now. Cause I'm in charge. Really, I am.

Sweet Girl: She creates her own math, like Newton. Such are the skills I teach my children. By example, of course.

AJ: Dude, don't shatter my useful misconceptions! Walls are crashing down around me! Nooooo!!

Mekhismom: I'm trying to find a way to get paid for baby whispering. All I've gotten so far are weird looks at the playground.

ciara: I don't think science has yet found the upper limit of cuteness. But let me tell you, that is definitely the most popular lab to find work in.

Chris: I think cereal was invented by the government as a weapon to control our children. And god bless them for it.

Ann(ie): Oh, don't think she doesn't ever take that route. She also likes to headbutt, and of course there's always The Toddler Slap.

PAPA: No me gusta peas either, unless they're mixed in something. I'm learning to like pea soup, though.

Jasper Mockingbard: You can use that skill to get out of having to make dinner at all. You have to work your weaknesses as much as your gifts to your advantage.

Pauline said...

you just made me cry laughing. that was awesome!
i have an almost 14 month old who needs you to tell her to eat. i got a college education, but it ain't helping in this department.

LiteralDan said...

It's just sheer force of will. You have to make them believe, in just a syllable and look, that you will absolutely not hesitate to chew and regurgitate the food before cramming it down their throats. Then they just accept it and take it themselves.

Andrea said...

You have the Midas touch-or as she would have you believe. Never under-estimate the 18-month-old. They will keep you constantly guessing, and pulling out your hair. It's a good thing that I have lots of it :).

LiteralDan said...

I can tell already that I need to hang on to what I've got, and I promise you this particular 18-month-old has demonstrated her craftiness and need for constant attention from even before she was born.

But I still think I have the Midas touch. Don't disillusion me or I won't be able to carry on!