05 April 2008

The peeing is the hardest part

D- has this inexplicable habit of either asking for permission before going to the bathroom or making an announcement requiring some kind of vocal acknowledgment before he will go.

Each time, the sarcasm demon that lives inside me tempts me to snidely say, "No, I'm afraid you can't go-- I'd much rather you stand right here till you pee on my floor. In fact, why not go sit on the couch?"

If only he wouldn't take me at my word, I just might.

To keep it all in perspective, though, I'm still over the moon about his being able to go to the bathroom by himself, so I try not to look a gift horse in the... mouth. Changing M-'s "tcinky, tcinky" diapers keeps me centered.

She better believe she's on deck for The Knowledge very soon. Hopefully her apparent desire to emulate everything D- does works to our advantage in this area. She could do much worse for a role model.

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