14 April 2008

Innovations from the laundry room

Recently I developed a technique that you'll find especially valuable if you have occasion to wash your own clothes. All others should share it with whoever does their laundry, and then store it away as an intriguing bit of trivia to make themselves seem smarter at cocktail parties. Either way, I'm willing to share it with you as long as you promise to vocally credit me whenever you pass it on, and silently credit me whenever you use it yourself.*


Either before or after you throw your clothes in the washing machine, (please excuse my dramatic, conspiratorial whisper) make sure to pour some detergent in there with the clothes, being sure to use an amount appropriate to the size of your load.

Skipping this extra step, as you no doubt have been doing up until now, results in mere wetting and drying of the clothes, which I assure you from firsthand experience smells much different than when clothes are washed with detergent. After trying my method, the difference will no doubt be as startling to you as it was to me.

In closing, I'll just say that you're right to feel so grateful, and if you're like me, you'll never do laundry the same old way again.

* Please make sure to swear anyone you tell to the same oath.


SherE1 said...

*smacks forehead* THAT'S what I've been doing wrong all this time? Thanks for the tip! *wink*

LiteralDan said...

No problem at all-- glad to be of service. I'm thinking of starting up a laundry newsletter-- I could sell ads AND subscriptions and make millions! Or thousands!!

Momo Fali said...

Wow. Thanks. I have a feeling this is why all my friend are on-line. Maybe if I just smelled better...

Mama Dawg said...

That explains the weird looks my daughter says she gets at school. Hmmm....I'll have to look in to that.


LiteralDan said...

It warms my heart to know how many lives I've changed (single, proud tear)