13 April 2008

Like manna from heaven

M- could have sworn there was a bunch of food here just a minute agoNot only do my kids get their daily inoculation from eating food that's fallen on the floor (while they still get the sniffles here and there, overall we've got their immune systems working like fine-tuned killing machines), but apparently my son has developed quite a taste for it.

I dropped a Goldfish cracker (one of our staples) on the kitchen floor this morning and immediately bent over to pick it up. I had decided to be fair to the kids by eating it myself, to help balance out the times I hand them the floor food before getting myself a new one from the bag, etc. In my defense, they are usually too quick and much closer to said floor food, so I don't have much choice but sacrifice dropped food to the band of starving orphans who swarm my kitchen, tugging on my pant legs any time I'm making food.

Anyway, unbeknownst to me, I was in a heated race for this particular prized morsel, which was apparently more desirable than the handful of Goldfish D- already held (new folk saying-- 'a fish from the floor is worth 10 in the hand'?). As I lifted it up, I heard D- exclaim, "Ahh!! I wanted to eat that one!" I just looked at him for a second, then naturally, I obliged.

Do I need to raise my standards a bit? It's not like I deliberately feed them meals off the floor. I mean, that's the baseline for bad parenting, right? Right??


nonna said...

how could nobody respond to this? either i'm just getting slap-happy from reading your posts all day inbetween dealing w/the g-kid, or this is really, really funny. i think anything that causes me to actually lol deserves at least a way to go!
and i give you at least 10 pts for this one. are you winning yet?

LiteralDan said...

Glad to provide you with a laugh-- that's points enough for me!

As for the lack of comments, there weren't near as many people reading back then, and I've heard a lot of people say they never know whether comments on older posts are welcome or not.

That's why I added a note about that to the "Leave your comment" message-- I love to hear from people on anything, any time. Don't hold back!