28 April 2008

A conversation with J-: Momma's watchin' her stories

I figured since I published conversations with D- and with M-, I might as well be fair and do some conversations with J-. So consider this number one of an as-yet undetermined number.

I found this a fantastic example of our very makeshift style of parenting, while J- was watching TV and casually sharing pieces of her pretzels with M-, a bolder beggar than any terrier I know:

Me: (looking over just as M- is reaching for more pretzels from J-'s plate) Don't let her have any more-- she's still got some in her mouth.

J-: No, I haven't given her any in a few minutes, she should be fine now.

No, J-, she has actual pieces of pretzel sticking out of her mouth. She's gonna need another minute...

Aww, why'd you have to ruin my fun?

With a choking baby?!?


Disclaimer: Despite the implications of this conversation, I must state for the record that J- is almost always way more responsible than me. When it comes to the kids, anyway... not cleaning, maintenance, organization, or finances. There's a reason I'm the stay-at-home parent.

disclaimer: I realize the above disclaimer will still get me in trouble, so I'll further state for the record that J- is generally awesome and definitely my best friend. She's good at lots and lots of things, like cooking, teaching, and knowing what I'm thinking most of the time, but they're just not as amusing to me at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I love it when other people write about situations with their kids in such a tongue-in-cheek sort of manner...IT'S FUNNY! Of course we're not serious when we say things like we want our kids to go 'play in traffic' (and other ridiculous things). It's all for the sake of a good story, right? Besides, they'll forgive us when we're famous writers. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So is your obit going to be in the Trib or the Sun Times ;)?

LiteralDan said...

Oh, I think she's too clever for that-- it's more likely I'll be left in a shallow pit somewhere in the woods, and I'll just be considered "missing" while the police chase down J-'s leads, such as that I ran off to join the circus or left her for my mistress who picks up after herself.

She's a crafty one, that girl

BusyDad said...

A disclaimer disclaimer... I think I need a few of those. Just in case. Smart.

LiteralDan said...

One must always be prepared to disclaim anything one says, in case of emergency.