20 April 2008

What was my name back then?

I do not exaggerate when I say I actually had a hard time clearly remembering the days before I was a parent, in order to complete yesterday's list.

It's probably because I was in college in those pre-kid days, so everything was in flux for several years before I ran right into marriage and parenting. Sounds kinda sad, but it's probably for the best, both so I don't have years of "glory days as a carefree adult" to miss or to compare my current life to, and because it indicates I'm so used to parenting small children that the bizarre daily events just don't register like they would.

That list could probably be 100 items long if I took more time and really jumped into my Way-Back Machine. Maybe I'll do some followup lists as more things come to me (things like, "I'd miss always having my kids available as an escape hatch from the small-talk express").

Anyway, even before writing the list, I knew that I feel pretty content these days, and I have surprisingly few regrets, which is always nice to realize. Now, if the Lottery Commission would just come through with my check.

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