27 April 2008

Like a horse and carriage

Well, there's just a boring post for you all today, because all I can think about is that my oldest brother is getting married in a few hours.

It's crazy, and it makes me vividly remember little J- and I getting married almost 5 years ago. I don't envy them all the preparation and last-minute panicking, or dealing with the inevitable organizational breakdowns and such.

Mostly it's crazy because my brother is Getting Married.

I mean, what's with that? How dare things change in the world without my express written consent?!

Seriously, though, I'm really happy for him and I think it's cool. I'm also glad I like my new sister (how odd is that to say?), or I think it would probably make things awkward. The wedding's going to be fun and memorable, and then we can all move on to finding my other brother a nice girl to settle down with, before he dies an old maid unloved and alone. Just kidding, buddy!


Anonymous said...

Our wedding ceremony lasted under 7 minutes! I am so glad I never had to do all that bride stuff/organizational stuff. I was much more relaxed with our 10-12 guests.
Congrats to your brother!

LiteralDan said...

Yeah their ceremony was a short-and-sweet kinda deal, too, and I think it's usually for the best.

Your wedding sounds a lot like our wedding, though. I think my wife sometimes feels like she missed out on a lot of the pomp and circumstance, but overall it was best for us to have a pretty low-key, close-knit affair. You can never have anything perfect, so it's best not to frustrate yourself so much trying to get there.

Anonymous said...

Going through a wedding ceremony is like giving birth (not that I know what that feels like) it was such a pain if not traumatic at times but I am glad I went through it. I did not want the big ceremony and my wife did. Probably the usual situation for couples but I look back on it with good memories with the less than good ones nicely tucked away in my subconscious.

I've been married for 16 years now and we have gotten to a point in the last 5 years where we are not invited to weddings very often if ever. My brothers and sisters and friends are all married or are just not going to be, so to speak. Kinda miss watching and hoping on their new lives.

It is weird you were reading the same books. I had someone the other day aske me what I was reading and I said, "War and Peace" and their reaction was...no, come on...really.

LiteralDan said...

Having as big a family as I do, I've been to many weddings in my time, and while long and short weddings alike are nice experiences, the short ones are best at certain times.

I'm sure I'll miss them once I don't have enough family and friends to keep getting such regular use out of my suit.

"War and Peace" is definitely an intimidating read, and one that most people (including myself, up until a few months ago) avoid as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

oh, I missed this post 'till now. Goes to show I'm a terrible sister-in-law, obviously. Thanks for the congrats. Almost three months and counting...

LiteralDan said...

Hey MP-- I had no expectation of you guys having any time or focus to stop by and read my blog then or any time right after.

It's cool that you found it, though-- have you had your fill of kids-say-the-darndest-things stories yet?

And have you had your fill of my dear brother yet? I mean, three months must feel like forEVER, right?

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm glad you won't be bitterly putting pineapple in all my meals at your parents' house!

The stories are hi-la-rious. So no, not yet, but then again I'm the person that congratulated J at Kevin's party saying "hey, way to have good looking, smart kids, not dumb and ugly ones!"(I have come to terms with my awkward complimenting skills). Way to go you too....you two.

As far as your brother goes, well...lets just say that aside of the fact that after working at the metal shop, he smells like a dirty penny, he's pretty much a keeper. I only find his "grumpy old man with childlike tendencies" more and more endearing as time goes by. Wait, is that cheesy? Gross!

Anonymous said...

My grammar is terrible! Ignore it.

LiteralDan said...

Hey, you are talking to at least the Prince of awkward complimenting (I know there are worse out there, but I haven't met them).

I have to force myself to stop and think really hard now before venturing to compliment anyone I'm not totally at ease with already, for fear of the dreaded backhanded compliment or the compliment with collateral damage to other participants/nearby listeners.

As for the rest of your comment: The dirty penny comparison is a truly great one; and yes that was cheesy, but get used to it-- it goes with the territory. Geez, just look at this blog, right? Someday you, too, will make people vomit with your cheesiness. Accept it now!

Anonymous said...

let me be in denial, o.k. Dan?

LiteralDan said...

No problem, good buddy-- you are nothing if not a mold-smasher. You will always rock on and set the pace for all the young'uns out there.

Anonymous said...

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