25 April 2008

A conversation with M-: I want what I want...

Consider this an experiment-- after several amusing (to me) conversations with D-, here is the debut Conversation with M-. Being that she is only about 15 months old, you must understand all conversations we have are pretty brief.

If only you could hear her voice when she says anything, I'd have hundreds of extremely cute and funny short conversations for you. Without that dimension, they're mostly pretty boring. Hopefully this one is translatable enough to give you a two-second smile:

I was holding M- by the counter, first thing this morning. She was calling out "''hungry", "eat", and "more, please" while scoping out her options.

M-: 'Naa-nuhhh!

Me: You want a banana?

M-: (thinks for a second) No. (She's getting to the point where she's honor-bound to answer 'No' to any question she's asked.)

M-: (sees a lollipop on the counter) 'An-dee!!

So now we know the latest high-priority addition to her ever-expanding vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

If the lollipop had not been in sight, I'm sure she would have asked for broccoli instead of that banana.

LiteralDan said...

I don't doubt it, actually-- she eats almost everything, at one time or another.

Man, it would be cute to hear her try to say 'broccoli'.

Anonymous said...

In our family, our younger daughter had certain "food" items way earlier than our older daughter. We didn't even consider giving our older one gum (for example) until she was around 5; then of course the younger one was 2, and complaining that she didn't get to have gum. Finally we were just like, WHATEVER! Have the gum (under our closely watchful eyes, of course!)

Mama Dawg said...

What is it with kids and lollipops? Mine doesn't like them now, but when she was little, it was like "back away from the DumDums!".


Mama Dawg said...

Thanks for the advice on the youtube vids. I'll have to practice that later this afternoon. I have a busy day of reading other blogs (whoops, I meant following up on Medicare claims) ahead of me and I must get started.