03 May 2008

Can't you smell that smell?

So recently, the office in our apartment (which is really more like an overgrown screened balcony) has taken on, shall we say, a horrendously unpleasant odor. Now, I don't mean to insult the office by suggesting it smelled like our neighbors were cooking again, because this was quite a different smell. Nor did we think we had somehow left a diaper in there (we closed up shop during the winter and don't go in there often).

No, this smelled distinctly like some kind of animal, such as a mouse, had crawled into a corner somewhere and quietly shuffled off this mortal coil.

Upon further investigation, it turned out to be merely the smell of damp old carpet, due to a leak somewhere in the wall. After even further investigation, however, it turns out I was partially right (one can generally assume that I'm always at least partially right). When moving everything away from the wall where the rain was leaking in, I discovered what can only be described as a mouse that is not alive:

This mouse, name unknown, was discovered dead of embarrassing causesHow long this poor bastard lay there decomposing, I'm not sure, but I don't envy the condition or stench of his surroundings. Of course, he's clearly been dead, or possibly undead, for decades or longer, so I doubt he noticed much.

A wake was held between 1pm and 1:01pm on Friday, May 1, at My Office Funeral Home. The deceased was then laid to rest in Toy Chest Memorial Cemetary.


TerriRainer said...

Ew...I HATE dead mouse smell...such a sickly rotten stench!

Hope Mickey didn't suffer too long, and it was nice of you to have a wake for the poor old guy!

:) Terri

Backpacking Dad said...

RIP little mousey.

LiteralDan said...

I'll pass along all your kind sentiments to the whole Mouse family, particularly his widow.

And yes, the smell is indeed quite awful (and uncannily like dead animal). It's starting to creep out under the door now, unfortunately.

The landlord is supposed to be fixing the leak this weekend, so we're hoping the smell is as gone as Mickey very soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven! I hate that stink!

Dan, your comment cracked me up today! Thanks for popping in with your sense of humor :)

Unknown said...

Too funny! This is my first time here. I'm enjoying your blog - and your humor - looking forward to reading more. Smiles!

Anonymous said...

Totally funny! You lucked out--I assure you, your discovery could've been much worse...like let's just say a REAL dead mouse found by your 7 year old in a box of 'ello' (building set.) And she accidentally dipped her finger in it.

I'm happy for you that that was NOT the case!

LiteralDan said...

Half-Past Kissin' Time: No problem, I live to entertain! (and relax, and play videogames, and raise kids, and hang out and do stuff...)

Wifey: Welcome! Glad you've enjoyed your tour-- come back soon!

Christy: (shudder) When you find a dead mouse, you just GOTTA stick your finger in it. Now I'm sad I missed my chance!

Heather said...

Hilarious! Found your blog through DGM.

Anonymous said...

Um, ewe. Seriously, ewe!

LiteralDan said...

Hi Heather, and welcome! Hope you enjoy hangin' around this place. The primary difference between me and DadGoneMad, besides traffic levels, is that I was crazy long before I became a Dad. Not sure if that's better or worse.

Christina: Mmmmm, now ewe put me in the mood for mutton. Or lamb chops. Or a gyros.