17 May 2008

Classic quotes, Vol. 2

As my way of taking a little break this weekend, today's post is just a short list of recent quotes from around our house, without any effort on my part to provide cohesiveness, theme, or even an introduction.

Other than that one, I guess.

D-: When will I have freckles? (totally out of nowhere)

J-: (to D-) This is like medicine to protect your skin from sunburn (drips a little on his hand). DON'T lick your hand!!

D-: (wearing a shirt with a breast pocket, before leaving for the park) If I find some rocks today, I can put them in this pocket... Daddy! If I find any potcorns or anything in the grass, I can put them in this pocket!

Me: (to J-, on phone) I can't talk to you when I'm driving in traffic! (I was playing MarioKart and didn't realize till I hung up how ridiculous it sounded.)

D-: She's just a little baby-o, but she takes a big bite! (Never were truer words spoken.)

J-: You do not hug people with the intent to hurt them!

D-: I am very disappointed in you, miss.


Anonymous said...

Mine just asks me when she'll get breasts...I wish she'd ask for freckles!

Anonymous said...

I love it. And have I ever told you what wonderful taste you have in blog templates? I hope to have mine "done" soon, but in the meantime, I like this one (obviously).

LiteralDan said...

Christina: Yeah, I'll take freckles for sure.

Half-Past Kissin' Time: Thank you, madame, and I have an affinity for yours as well. I also have plans to overhaul my site to be more distinctive. For some reason, I just haven't yet found the time!

Mama Dawg said...


LiteralDan said...

Yeah, I'm not sure if that was supposed to be "popcorn", cause that's how he often says it, or "acorns", given the context. I doubt if even he would know for sure.