27 May 2008

A conversation with D-: We are the champions

This conversation with my 4-year-old son D- took place while I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an hour or so after I reprimanded him (with a thorough explanation of the conventions of polite society vs. nature) for asserting in plain language to his sister that his greater strength means he can take things from her when he wants them:

D-: Are we stronger than the Earth? (he compares a lot of things to The Earth)

Me: Nope.

D-: Yeah we are, because we have muscles and we're stronger.

Me: But the Earth has gravity, and remember that pulls everything down to it all the time.

D-: What's it called? The gravity.

Me: It's just called gravity.

D-: No the Earth!

Me: It's just called The Earth.

D-: Oh.

I recognize a bit of my younger self in his pattern of trying to portray himself or his argument as misunderstood when faced with being wrong. It amuses and intrigues me. After all, the primary purpose in life for all children is to serve as a tool for their parents' self-reflection.

And then secondly to grow independent and change the world and stuff, of course.


Momo Fali said...

They do serve as a tool for our self-reflection, don't they? That, and having them allows me to be a kid all over again!

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard--such a short, simple conversation, but so typical of the day to day humor of life with kids!

The best line though, is this: "the primary purpose in life for all children is to serve as a tool for their parents' self-reflection." LOVE IT...I don't know why certain things strike me, they just do. I'm weird.

TerriRainer said...

Hmmmm....And here I thought our kids were here to test our patience, cost us infinitesimal amounts of money, break things, make messes, and generally rule our lives for a few decades!

You have much insight, oh mighty One-Eyed Dan (or you are merely deluding yourself by being a philosophical Dad)!

:) Terri

Andrea said...

Well stated. That does change my thoughts a bit. I had been a follower of the "test our patience" school of thought.

Don't you just love it when kids test their knowledge of the universe?

SherE1 said...

And the questions and their arguments just get harder and harder the older they get!

Anonymous said...

"Amusing and intriguing...." Yeah, that's what I call it when my husband is like that, too. Not.

LiteralDan said...

Momo Fali: Yes, they just never stop giving... now excuse me while I go "play cars."

Christy: Glad I could be of service, and yes, it certainly is!

I think we're all weird like that-- I know I sure am.

TerriRainer: Those are merely side hobbies-- their true purpose is definitely to fuel their parents' vanity.

And I'm quite philosophical-- my one eye is of the all-seeing type.

Andrea: Oh, I live to be Alex Trebek, and by this point I could out-Trebek the man himself.

SherE1: Boy, thanks for the hope you've instilled in me for the future.

Half-Past Kissin' Time: Oh I meant his doing the same thing was amusing and intriguing, but I'll now push forward to say that all my annoying habits, past and present, are also amusing and, what's more, endearing!