02 May 2008

Classic quotes, Vol. 1

Here's the inaugural collection of random quotes from around our house:

J-: I hate when people are generous with my time.

J-: (on phone after a bad day at work) And I was just thinking, "What's going on, and who turned on the vacuum switch to my soul?"

D-: Do you have any more of those tasty nuts?

D-: We should have a boy-girl next year, that would be fun, wouldn't it? We should grow that next year.

D-: (after I picked up a Lincoln Log) That's my hammer stick! Don't drop it in the box or I won't be able to tell which one it is!

D-: (very pissy) Is it helpful that they give me a bunch more little tiny ones [Lincoln Logs] so I can't build a garage for this house? No, it's not helpful.

D-: (sternly) Daddy, there is no drink in the refrigerator for me, and I'm very frustrated. (now very pointedly emphasizing each word while seeming to look over imaginary glasses) There's no drink in the refrigerator, and I'm very frustrated.

D-: Look how much I can fit in my mouth!

D-: (posing with his guitar at his microphone stand) This is a song about 'bisheradda'. I don't know what that means, but I'm gonna sing it.

Me: [Something insanely witty and hilarious-- I'll pause for laughter]

M-: (after being told her crackers are all gone, placing her finger on my eyelid and holding it there in a vaguely threatening manner) Eyyye.


SherE1 said...

I love the last one "eyyyyye" It's hard not to flinch when those tiny fingers come at your face wanting to point SOMETHING out (eye, mouth, nose) and they love to push as if you're made of dough, don't they?

And good for D- for knowing how to express his discontent with words!

Anonymous said...

My daughter probably knows the words to that song, too. It must be taught in the secret club of preschoolers.

LiteralDan said...

SherE1: M- has learned the hard way on herself that eyes especially require very gentle pointing. Like "Hey, did you guys know it HURTS when I do that??"

Christina: Yeah, they were apparently in a very prolific band with an unbelievably deep catalog.