26 May 2008

Not exactly a glass slipper, but it'll do

Let this post serve as a fitting tribute this Memorial Day to all those comical, non-threatening pirates who have fallen over the years in service to our amusement.

To continue my service to those lucky folks who will become new parents in the future, I forewarn you of yet another type of event you may surprisingly come to know as pretty normal.

Just as your daughter will undoubtedly one day attempt to blind you in one eye just to see you wear an eyepatch (she fails), she will continue her apparent obsession with pirate accoutrement by fashioning herself a peg leg out of whatever material is handy, up to and including your cup.*

The dread pirate Captain Cupfoot found a suitably fearsome peg legTo be fair to your future children, in their defense, you did leave that cup out. Why wouldn't you expect to get a little foot in it? Come on-- you're better than that.

Furthermore, should you go on to create a blog publicly mocking your children, even if you think you can't come up with a post on a day when you get to sleep in past noon, just relax, and inspiration will come... inspiration will come.

* To J-, who is currently working out over at my parents' house: in case you're enjoying a refreshing beverage later until you realize your cup smells like feet, here's proof it was the baby's fault, not mine. This time.


Anonymous said...

She's the only one I've ever seen pull off a peg leg with such sass in the hips!

Anonymous said...

While I find the peg leg very humorous (possibly because one of my kids did the same thing--and walked around like that for half the day)I'm stuck on the 'slept in past noon.' Was that an exaggeration? Because having been on a parent's schedule for so long, I don't think I could sleep past noon if someone PAID me. Be in bed by 8:30pm though, that's another story!

Rachel said...

That's too cute. Both of my kids have pulled that very same stunt! :-)
She's adorable, cup leg and all.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

that is hilarious...and she is adorable like that...man what it would be like to be a kid again and look absolutely gorgeous just after waking up!

Anonymous said...

This post, with it's pirate references, made me laugh out loud (hard). (Try to keep her out of the rum.) Thanks!

TerriRainer said...

After reading Mrs. 4444's post, I just had to say it:

"She's got a lil Captain in her"!

OMG, it's been a long weekend, can you tell?

Just wait til she gets older and starts to think it's funny to put things in your drink...just to see if you'll ACTUALLY drink it.

Another one to look forward to soon is the ole panties on the head trick...ALL of them do it!

:) Terri

Mama Dawg said...

Yeah, given enough time, they will provide enough fodder.

I love the peg leg look.

LiteralDan said...

MamaNeena: Oh, she's a sassy one, to be sure. However, I believe Blackbeard was also noted for his sassy working of a peg. Unfortunately, this great head-to-head matchup can only take place in our Fantasy Pirate League.

Christy: Nope, it wasn't an exaggeration, but I'm with you on the parent schedule-- I normally waste my day to sleep in (J- and I trade off Sat. and Sun.) by waking up at a normal time and not being able to get back to sleep. Monday, however, I was able to fall back asleep after awhile, through sheer persistence. So really it was just a long nap after waking up and not getting out of bed.

Rachel: What's with kids and foot-cups?? I never would have thought it was so widespread!

Shelle: Yeah, she can pull off any look and make it look deliberate and fashionable. She's like a celebrity that way. Maybe she should be a model?

Half-Past Kissin' Time: You're welcome for the laughs. We would have a hard time keeping her out of the rum-- she loves everything, so I'm sure that would be no exception. And when she wants something, she will clear any hurdle to get it.

TerriRainer: It was a long, good weekend. She's already started putting things in our drinks, beginning with her filthy hands, and moving up to whatever is IN her hand, such as dust, lint, food bits, toys, and random things she finds on the floor.

Apparently she's really advanced, because she's also already put her brother's underwear, diapers, and some of our underwear (from the clean laundry, thankfully) on her head. Also, doll clothes, purses, and an enormous list of other things-- see the "Ott!" post that alluding to that.

MamaDawg: She decided after a minute or two of trying to get it off that she did NOT like the look, or at least not enough to be worth the discomfort. That'll teach her to stick to cramming her foot into doll shoes and old, tiny baby shoes when she's looking for a poor fit.

Before you laugh too hard at this baby, though, remember how many grown women cram their feet into horribly torturous shoes just because "they look good". Sad, really-- I've never understood it.

family affairs said...

She looks very cool x

LiteralDan said...

Oh and she knows it, my friend