13 May 2008

Support your local blogger!

I just wanted to call time out to shamelessly take care of a little business:

I realized that those of you receiving my posts via e-mail or feed won't see that I've put up an announcement on the blog itself about my nomination for Best Daddy Blog at the Best of Blogs site. Vote for me today and tell all your friends to do the same, or so help me, I will begin tickling this baby, and I may even eat her tummy-- I'm just crazy enough to do it!

It's the second-best way you can support this blog, to keep the rambling stories and parenthetical statements coming!

As long as I'm shaking you down for votes and clicks, I'll also mention that I recently signed up at a fun site called Humor-blogs.com, a pretty self-explanatory index of funny blogs that are peer-reviewed and rated as well as ranked by the amount of traffic they drive to Humor-blogs.com from their site. So any time you're in a mood to peruse some other attempted-humor-based blogs similar to but better than this one, please do click through to that site. Even once this post gets buried, you can still find the link in my Of Interest to Me and Membership lists to the right.*

Okay, now I need to go take a shower to remove the stench of desperate self-promotion, along with that of baby pee. Though when you think about it, the shower is probably the worst place at our house to hide from pee. Nevertheless, I shall endure, and I'll be back tomorrow with more of whatever it is I do. While I'm gone, please read, or re-read, through previous posts to remember me in more humble and amusingly painful times...

* In addition, I always encourage you to visit the blogs of my readers who have them-- MamaNeena, SherE1, Cassey, Mama Dawg, Christy, TerriRainer, Mrs. 4444, Rikki, Mrs. B Roth, and Feisty Charlie. (Let me know if I missed anyone.)


Rikki said...

I voted for you! What do you get if you win (besides fame, glory and bragging rights!)?

Anonymous said...

does my tote come with free mascara and samples of the newest anit-aging goo on the market?

If not, i voted for you anyway!

Cassey said...

I voted for you. Of course. It looks like you are winning too. 75%, aint to shabby.

SherE1 said...

Would you think me stalker-ish if I said I voted for you 100 times? Ok, more like twice. (sorry, I do actually WORK at work... in between my breaks of blog reading. It's a wonder I still have a job.) I promise to catch up and do the 98 other votes later when I get home (if my kids let me). Good luck!

Momo Fali said...

Dude. You are speaking to me with the free tote bag thing. Will it have your face on it? Oh, that's okay...I'll go vote just because you deserve it!

TerriRainer said...

You are cleaning up! 77% at the time I voted...YOU GO ONE-EYED DAN!

I'll keep voting!

:) Terri

The Father of Five said...

Ok.. I felt obligated to vote for myself... But never having stumbled by LiteralDan before, I had to check it out!

LiteralDan, you have a hilarious Blog!

Posting every day since February?? What is wrong with you?!?!?

I did not even try NaBloPoMo - and thoes that I know personally who tried it - got totally burned out... You're working towards NaBloPoYr!! Yikes!

You can be sure that I'll be back!

Best of luck in the BoB's!

David, the "Father of Five"

TerriRainer said...

Uh oh...at 50%!

I voted again, and will try and remember to vote until it ends (not sure when that will be). I haven't figured out a way to vote more than once a day though :(

:) Terri

Mama Dawg said...

Voted once yesterday and will keep doing it every chance I get. We gotta get you to 100%.

Thanks for the shout-out!


LiteralDan said...

Thanks to everyone for their votes and support-- you are the best!

Rikki: I'm not sure what the prize is, but I sure do love me some fame, glory, and bragging rights, so I'll be happy no matter what.

Christina: That tote is chock full of beauty products, food, and various street-fighting weapons. It's bottomless, and worth more than the IRS could accurately estimate for tax purposes.

Cassey: I'm sure that lead is short-lived, but it would be cool if they let people watch the vote totals come in. It could be even better than election night (since the winner won't be handed the keys to the country...).

SherE1: I've never met a stalker I didn't appreciate, so go ahead and vote 100 times! You should get a job as a blog reader... but then, would that suck the fun out of it? You could always do illicit paperwork and faxing when no one was looking.

Momo Fali: The tote bag has various Masonic symbols, the largest of which just happens to be my face (I am The One Who Was Foreshadowed). See my response to Christina above for more hints as to what goodies you all can look forward to.

TerriRainer: It seems like I'm always cleaning up around here, but no, I'm sure the totals will even out as more people become aware of the voting. I do love the nickname-- makes me seem even more like a pirate (don't tell the RIAA).

I didn't realize they wanted people to vote repeatedly, but that's what I'm hearing. I'm not sure how it all works on their (the BoB people) end.

The Father of Five: Hey, I don't hold your vote for yourself against... yourself. Good luck in the contest as well-- I stopped by your blog today (as I'm sure you saw) and liked what I read. This is going to be an interesting contest, for sure.

Don't say NaBloPoYr, or I might just seize up-- I'm just plugging along, allowing myself (and published, as forewarning) the possibility of a day or so off a week. Who knows how things will shake out. It's good to make time to write each day, to stay sharp, so I figure why not make it a blog post?

Thanks again for all your too-kind words, and good luck to you!

Mama Dawg: Thanks so much, and you're certainly welcome for the link-- it was the least I could do. I hope some more readers find you, because you deserve them, and it would help ease my guilt for my attention whoring of recent days (lol).

Andrea said...

LiteralDan, you are a ce-le-brit-ee. You rock!

I voted! I voted! I hear you are doing favors for votes!?! I need a nanny for a weekend so I can jet away to London for the weekend. What weekend would work for you?

The Father of Five said...

Say... Wait just a minute here.. If your readers all get some sort of nifty sack-o-prizes for voting for your blog...

What would someone like ME (a dad who also has a blog in the same contest) get for turning on their own blog, and voting for YOUR blog!?!?!

I am imagining some uber-amazing, super-stupendous, wonderfully fantastic, unforgettably-amazing MEGA-TOTE-O-PLENTY!!!

(But... How do you top "It's bottomless, and worth more than the IRS could accurately estimate for tax purposes."???

Ahhh... I'm going to head out now, vote for LiteralDan, and dream of what may be coming my way!!!

Anonymous said...

LiteralDan - you are totally winning the best daddy vote so far! Right on.

btw - I'm up against you. May the best man win! Or, perhaps, may the man with the most friends who actually take the time to click and vote win! (And yes, I am shamelessly self-promoting too. All in good fun!)

I like your blog.


LiteralDan said...

Andrea: Hmmm... sorry Andrea, it's out of my hands-- if I opted to take on MORE children rather than find ways to get away from ours more often, my wife just might take a trip to London for longer than a weekend, and without me!

Father of Five: Tell you what, I'll do what everyone does when faced with such a stumper-- I'll send you TWO tote bags, once they come back in stock (sometime as soon as 1000 years or so, they tell me). Is it a deal? lol

To sweeten the pot, I will also encourage my readers to check out your blog, cause it's good stuff. You hear that, everyone?

dadshouse: Yeah it's crazy, I've been blown away by the response from everyone. I agree with your latter estimation-- I figured if I didn't ask, people wouldn't know to vote, and then I did ask, and wow! Someday, mayhaps I will be able to revisit my shame, currently locked in a box in the attic.

I hope people here check out your blog now that you've stopped by-- I was surprised they didn't post links to each blog on the voting page. Maybe I'll go post some myself.

Anonymous said...
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