07 April 2008

Developments at our house, Vol. 4

These are some developments at our house in recent days:

1. J- discovered a forgotten Easter egg full of jelly beans in her coat pocket more than a week after the event, much to her giddy pleasure.

2. I determined the reason no one makes wine from oranges: because fermented orange juice is disgusting. Just check my fridge.

And my sink. And my shirt.

3. D- has amped up his habit of calling out made-up words and then asking me what they mean. I cannot explain this habit, and I can barely stand it, given his straight-faced insistence on getting an explanation. He's definitely my kid.

4. I found out how creepy it can be when your 1-year-old wakes up quietly and remembers she has a singing pig ("Five Little Piggies") in the corner of her crib. The disembodied adult voice inexplicably wafting in from the baby's room at nap time is extremely disconcerting.

5. I learned that when you tickle a baby while she's drinking, she will spit milk all over, just like a real person. I couldn't resist! It was worth it.

6. I'm wondering if I'm manly enough all on my own to pull off wearing a Utilikilt. The answer, of course, is no. The next question is, do I care? They're just so convenient.

7. M- found out that as delicious as oyster crackers may be, and as fun as it is to share with everyone, Daddy does not find them yummy when they are shoved up his nostril while he is closing his eyes for just 5 seconds at 7 o'clock in the morning.

8. Expanding on this knowledge gained yesterday, this morning M- tried to stick a Cheerio into the Wii disc slot instead ('Cheerio' being the singular form of 'Cheerios', rather than a British greeting, which would be far less damaging to the hardware) . As a show of good faith, she then spent about 2 minutes afterwards cementing the new lesson by pointing at the slot and repeating, "No. No. No."

On further reflection, I can only hope this doesn't mean she had already shoved one in there undetected. I'll have to plug it in and eject the game to clear out any detritus.

9. I have found, after more occasions than even I would ordinarily have guessed, that nobody (so far) appreciates being compared to Jabba the Hutt in any way, even when it has nothing to do with his weight problem, and no matter how apt the comparison may be.

To each his own, I suppose.

Note: Here are the other volumes.


Anonymous said...

In reference to #7/#8:

What is it with the fascination of sticking cheerios in different places?! My son always tries to share that nostril cracker too. I've learned that it's both smart and frightening to ask where they've come from.

LiteralDan said...

Hmmm... the worst I get is just stuff they find on the floor (though maybe I just don't ask enough questions). I usually politely decline their offers across the board, though, cause somehow even fresh stuff is always all drooled on or mixed with some other odd food, at best.

Rather than being a spoilsport, I like to think I'm taking the time to teach them a lesson-- how to nicely say "No, but thank you very much!" instead of "Eww, I don't want that in my mouth!"

Momo Fali said...

If you get the kilt, can you please post pictures of yourself for our amusement?

LiteralDan said...

Oh if I get one of those kilts, I'd have to post all kinds of pictures everywhere, cause it would mean I absolutely did not care at all what I looked like or what people thought of me.

Would that I could be such a free spirit... sigh...

nonna said...

#5 had me actually laughing out loud. good thing i wasn't drinking my own glass of milk at the time :)