20 May 2008

Winged migration

I suppose this serves as something of a sequel to my post Things I found in my bed last night-- here's how J- got me away from the computer last night while I was responding to all your many wonderful comments on the last few posts:

"Can't you just blog 'Wife found bug wing in bed, must go now'?!?"

This was after much poking, prodding, and begging to this end. She decided she could not possibly sleep in the same bed as a piece of an old bug wing, and only I have been imbued by the gods with the power to flick it off the sheet.

This is actually great progress for her-- in past, better-rested days, she would definitely refuse to sleep in the bed for at least a day after the sheets were changed (and probably burned), and she might even insist on sleeping at a hotel. Now she was tired enough to just be rid of the wing so she could get some blessed sleep.

Although, as it turns out, when I went to the bathroom after The Flickening, she ended up pulling the sheet off the bed and flipping it around to put the apparently toxic Spot Where the Wing Was on my side of the bed instead.

That's love.


Anonymous said...

You have successfully completed one of the many important tasks of a husband. Now, go open a pickle jar and bask in your masculinity!

Anonymous said...

That's funny (and I needed a little laugh today.) I'm with J...although, I might've turned the sheet inside out instead, but what she did works too.

SherE1 said...

*whew* I'm with J- I cannot STAND bugs and rely on my husband to flick these away for me on a regular basis as well. What would I do without him!

TerriRainer said...

But do you take care of spiders???

That's my job at home...hubby is this huge guy...6'5", 300 lbs, and screams like a girl when he sees a spider! It's great.

Now, if you REALLY want the award for "super husband"...wash the sheets and then brag about it when she gets home!!!

:) Terri

Natalie said...

a bug wing...hm...

i think i would have flicked it off myself and as long as there wasn't any bug goo on the sheet i would have just climbed in bed. if the bug wing had left a lasting impression i would have changed the sheet. for sure.

Rikki said...

Eww! There was a DEFINITE need to flip the sheets. Poor girl, bug wings can be traumatic. My question though, the bug couldn't have gone too far with such a wing handicapp, did you have to scour the room for the carcass?

LiteralDan said...

MamaNeena: Ohh, pickle jars quake in fear when they see me coming. If bug wings were delicious, maybe I could get more excited about them.

Christy: The sheet was kind of crumpled up, so I think she didn't totally trust either the inside or outside of the sheet.

SherE1: You'd have to pay some kind of pricey flicking service, methinks. Don't tell him he'd be so easily replaced, though.

TerriRainer: I prefer not to kill bugs (instead of just throwing them outside) unless they specifically cross me, which annoys J-, as she demands blood for their criminal offense of existing. But since spiders are hard to transport, I usually kill one whenever J- insists it no longer be allowed to eat all the other bugs in our house, since it made the fatal mistake of being seen by her.

At least your husband fears a type of bug from a family with members who can kill people-- he's practical. If you refused to take care of them, I'm sure he would protect you all instead.

Or abandon you all to your fates by fleeing the house. Try finding out which it is one of these days!

Natalie: Nope, no goo at all-- it was totally dry. Since it was accompanied by lint and dust, I believe it was just picked up off the basement floor when the sheet was folded down there.

Rikki: Nope, no scouring-- see above. I do wonder what it did with half a wing, though, wherever it ended up. It probably got caught in a spider web and eaten while that spider planned an ambush of TerriRainer's husband (see further above).