01 May 2008

Note to self: Insert funny title later

Well, I'm coming up on 100 posts, and I feel like I'm slipping into a little lull as I've done about once a month so far. I'm then usually saved by a day or two where I write most of 7 posts or so all at once, so don't worry.

I think after I hit 100, I'll try switching to posting only 5 days a week, since it seems like most of you take the weekend off and just catch up on Monday, anyway. I'm sure it's best in the long run for my ability to keep chugging away at crafting these teardrops of genius I call blog posts. (Humor me, please.) I haven't yet had much tangible success in getting the kids to write their own entries, but I'll keep working at it.

I mean, wouldn't you rather hear it straight from the source why M- chooses to 1) snack on dust bunnies, 2) put shoes on her head while laughing maniacally, or 3) demand tributes of Rice Chex she doesn't want to eat? Or why D- 1) is obsessed with blankets and cloths, 2) doesn't allow anyone else to pretend about what he is pretending, or 3) doesn't understand how everyone else knows when he has to go to the bathroom before he seems to?

Anyway, I think you can expect roughly the same amount and quality (whatever that may be) of content, just distributed a little differently. If you happen to have some free time on an off day and curse my very name for not allowing you to procrastinate the way we all love, please do peruse my blogroll and other links on the right for some reliable entertainment. Then you can keep the dishes and chores at bay the same way we do around here!

To help this post qualify as such, here's a miniature Conversation with D-:

D-: (responding to my suggestion with a serious, patronizing face, burying his amusement) My books could not swim in the water and bite me like a fish.

Me: (unable to contain laughter at his demeanor) You make me laugh!

D-: Yes. I do. Write that in your bwog.

Ever the obedient servant, I've done as commanded.


Anonymous said...

Oh LiteralDan, I so get you and your domestic situation. You make me chuckle! :)

BTW, I did happen to notice that I'm not on the blogroll to our right...just saying. LOL!

LiteralDan said...

Whoops-- I need to review and update that more frequently. All set now!

SherE1 said...

Ah, thank you for adding me to your blogroll! You are so kind!

And thank you for helping me procrastinate my day away with your hilarious "bwog". I'm sure the day we see a posting from "D" is not far in the future (that's how quick time seems to be flying these days!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...I was totally kidding! I would NEVER want to be accused of pimping myself out for the sake of the blog. Okay well, maybe a little...

Thanks for adding me!

Cassey said...

It would be a little fun to have a post straight from the kids.

I feel ya, it is draining to be forever witty and charming. Take the weekend to recoup.

LiteralDan said...

Hey, I figure anybody that stops by and comments frequently is contributing to the blog and deserves to be noted.

Besides, linking amongst each other helps people find blogs appealing to their overlapping interests, so everybody wins.

Currently D- loves typing pages of random letters, and though he can spell his name and a few other words, he has little patience with typing what he actually wants to say at the speed of someone telling him how to spell the words.

But it sounds like the people have spoken-- I'll have to see what I can get him to come up with.

Anonymous said...

Only five days a week??? I need my daily fix!

TerriRainer said...

You are a far better blogger than I am!

Ah, the life of a domestic engineer is so full of those moments...kids are funny, especially when they try NOT to be!

When my 7 year old was about 2 or 3, her "T's" sounded like "F's"...wouldn't be so bad if she didn't walk around with her favorite book asking everyone to read her "Fire Truck Book"...I kid you NOT!

:) Terri

Mom101 said...

Just listen to D and you will never have a blog lull again. Like your muse. Or the crazy voice inside your head.

Thanks for the great comment at my place Dan. Pleasure to meetcha.

LiteralDan said...

christina: I'm grateful and humbled by your professed addiction. Since I'm a problem solver, here are some helpful suggestions: you could make the off days be "best of" days, or else you could only read the first half of two of that weeks' posts the day they're posted, then read one of the second halves on each of the off days. Sound good? lol

terrirainer: I wouldn't say that's true, but thank you very kindly, madam. My wife and I both laughed about the "Fire F*ck Book". It made us both think of the ridiculous things the kids have said so earnestly (nothing as good as that, though).

mom101: Welcome! I'd say the kids together definitely form one crazy voice in my head, rather than something as dignified as a Muse. And thanks for stopping by, yourself-- I enjoy your and Kristen's work at all of your various sites.

(Speaking of which, I've been under the impression the past 4 years that I invented the term "baby burrito". Does this mean we have to fight to the death for the right to write the history of this term?)